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In the next few minutes you will discover how to quickly update, edit and change the “woocommerce_before_single_product_summary” hook plus a real life example (with sample code) so you can tie everything together and get started immediately!

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					add_action( 'woocommerce_before_single_product_summary', string $callback_function , int $priority = 10);


  1. $callback_function
    1. (string) (Required) name of callback function
  2. $priority
    1. (int) (OptionalUsed to specify the order in which the functions associated with a particular action are executed. Lower numbers correspond with earlier execution, and functions with the same priority are executed in the order in which they were added to the action.

Default value: 10

Type of Hook: Action

The woocommerce_before_single_product_summary hook is an action hook. This means it allows you to call a function at a specific point in time that “does something” when it is executed.

In this case it “does something” as the Woocommerce Product Page is being loaded.

NO data needs to be returned from your callback function with this hook.

When Is This Hook Executed

This hook is executed after: woocommerce_before_single_product hook.

This hook is executed before: woocommerce_single_product_summary hook

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Default Actions That Use The Woocommerce_Before_Single_Product_Summary Hook

Below are functions that are automatically added to this hook by Woocommerce. You can control when your function will be executed within this hook by changing the priority of your callback function. (lower number equals higher priority)

For example: If you want your function to execute before any of these functions then set your priority to less than 10.

					add_action( 'woocommerce_before_single_product_summary', 'woocommerce_show_product_sale_flash', 10 ); 
add_action( 'woocommerce_before_single_product_summary', 'woocommerce_show_product_images', 20 ); 

How to Use This Hook

You can easily add your own function to this hook by the add_action() function. Simply add the following code in your functions.php file in your theme. (hopefully you’re using a child theme)
					// Define your callback function
function my_custom_function_name ( $optional_values ) {
    // enter your code here...

// Add this action to the hook
add_action( 'woocommerce_before_single_product_summary', 'my_custom_function_name', 10);

How to Remove an Action From This Hook

You can also remove an action that has been added to this hook by using the remove_action() function. Simply add the following code in your functions.php file in your theme.

Below is an example of how we would remove the example above from this hook:

					// remove the action 
remove_action( 'woocommerce_before_single_product_summary', 'my_custom_function_name', 10); 

Woocommerce_Before_Single_Product_Summary  Example (With Sample Code):

Lets say I wanted to highlight each product that was tagged “WordPress Essential Service” by having text that appeared before the product image.

Before woocommerce_before_single_product_summary Hook Modification

Here is an example of how you would use the woocommerce_before_single_product_summary Hook to do it

					// Define your callback function

function update_before_product_summary () {

    $wp_essential_slug_str = 'wordpress-essential-service';

    $wp_essential_html = 'Wordpress Essential Service';

    // Get product tags

    $prod_tags_array = get_terms( 'product_tag' );

    if ( !empty( $prod_tags_array ) && !is_wp_error( $prod_tags_array ) ) :

        foreach ( $prod_tags_array as $tag_obj ) :

            // If the product has a tag with the slug set to "wordpress-essential-service" then add text to product page

            if ($tag_obj->slug == $wp_essential_slug_str) :

                echo $wp_essential_html;





// By using priority 5 the following function will be the first function to execute within the hook

add_action( 'woocommerce_before_single_product_summary', 'update_before_product_summary', 5 );

After woocommerce_before_single_product_summary Hook Modification

** Remember there is an endless number of customizations you can do with this hook to help increase your Woocommerce sales,  this is just one “tiny” example.

Code Definition

This action is defined in the following Woocommerce location(s):

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